With Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you’re five weeks away from creating, running, and profiting from your first (or next) marketing funnel with more sales, no stress, and the freedom to focus on what you do best. 

Work with Michelle...

Build Your Funnel Bootcamp has lots of great information, but the real benefit is that you get so much access to Michelle. You get to ask her questions, pick her brain, learn from her funnel expertise, and even have her call you on your own BS, which means you'll get way more out of the course than you would trying to build a funnel on your own. She puts so much time and dedication into the people in the course community--that alone makes it worth several times what she's currently charging. Bottom line: if you can work with Michelle, work with Michelle.

Jame Ranson  //  The Master Wordsmith™ | JamesRanson.com

Your Funnel Persuasion Playbook is absolutely awesome!

I have only done the first two pages and have received MASSIVE insights! It's also the only marketing "homework" I've ever done that I've actually enjoyed.
In fact, the Main Competitor page was eliciting so many powerful insights that I happily researched waaaay more than the 5 competitors your recommend. I’m actually up to 24 of my competitors...24! I have a whole new insight into how to talk with my audience AND how I am different than all my competitors. It's truly fab, Michelle!

Annalicia Lynn Founder  //  TruthBeautyPeace.com