Sometimes, your marketing just isn’t working.

You want profit without worry, but you’re not sure where to start and what will work best for your business.

You’re worried that even if you DO pick a new or different marketing solution and put in the time and effort, it won’t get the results you want.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You’re overwhelmed by all the marketing options, and you’re spending waaaay too much time trying to figure out what’ll actually work.
  • You’re having trouble making consistent sales and are unsure what you should be selling.
  • You’re not 100% certain WHO your audience is and what they want.
  •  You don’t feel confident that even if you do find a marketing solution, you’ll be able to execute it properly.
  • You’re doubting that you have the skills you need to write, set up, and sell using a marketing funnel.

Listen, I get it. You want to up your marketing game, but you want a framework to make sure it’s done RIGHT.

That’s why you need a marketing funnel.

The fact is, businesses with a marketing funnel see a 451% increase in qualified engaged sales.

The right marketing funnel can be business
(and life!) changing in so many ways.

You can attract your perfect audience

The beauty of a marketing funnel is that you know the end goal before you launch it to the world. Know the audience you want to attract AND the experience you want to create so you’re attracting the right people who’ll want to buy what you’ve got to sell.

You can connect with your ideal customers

82% of customers buying online need five or more interactions before feeling confident enough to make a purchase. When you create an intentional and strategic marketing funnel for your business, you can be confident you’re creating the RIGHT experience so potential customers choose you.

You can help your audience

Your marketing funnel needs to be purposefully designed because 70% of customers will buy to solve a very specific problem they are experiencing or have experienced in the past. When you do it right, you’ll be able to deliver a marketing funnel experience that feels so personalized, relevant, and valuable that they’ll be hooked on what you’ve got because it’s solving their big problem.

You can pre-sell your audience

95% of customers will buy from the business who helps them understand their pain IF that business helps them discover how to effectively solve their specific pain and offers a compelling solution. That can only happen when you create a marketing funnel journey for your audience to discover why you and your offer are precisely what they've been searching for online.

And best of can automatically create an audience filled with excited buyers

Imagine a sale coming in today with no extra effort on your part. And then it happens the next day and the day after that. A marketing funnel is a system that works all day, every day. Your audience gets to know you, your offer and how you can solve their problem. You get excited buyers that you've helped figured out how to solve their problem so they can finally get the results they've been dreaming of.

I Know What You’re Thinking:
Is a Marketing Funnel Right for Me?

Here are a few things that are probably going through your mind about funnels:

Funnels are too complicated

When your free content tackles a specific problem for the right audience, there’s nothing complicated about it. High-performing funnels can be straightforward, streamlined, and simple.

Funnels are impersonal and salesy

Some of the biggest relationship-builders in online business rely on funnels. In fact, you can serve MORE people when you have a system to attract, nurture, and engage them all the way into paying clients. (And you can do this while feeling 100% genuine.)

Funnels won't work for my business model

If you sell a product, program, or service to people, then a marketing funnel can be designed to work for you. It’s really a matter of knowing where your audience is NOW and mapping out your marketing funnel to take them on the journey they need in a strategic way.

Funnels will take too long to build

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably already have much of what you need to put together your first marketing funnel. You just need to get clear on the persuasion triggers needed at each step of your marketing funnel so that you can introduce the right message at the right time. (No more guessing about your next step!)

Funnels might not work for me

Funnels can work for EVERY type of business and just about every type of ethical selling situation if you put in a little effort to understand three keys to great marketing. It’s about understanding the insights and clues to what your audience wants from you.

No matter what your worries are about creating a funnel, I know you CAN do this. Building a marketing funnel doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. All it takes is the right tools to get started.

But planning to fail before you’ve even started will never get you the results you want.

That’s why you need Build Your Funnel Bootcamp.


With Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you’re five weeks away from creating, running, and profiting from your first (or next) marketing funnel with more sales, no stress, and the freedom to focus on what you do best. 

When you join Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you’ll create:

One profitable system that attracts a steady flow of buyers into your business over and over again so that you can create consistent income and reliable results.

High-converting opt-in, thank you, and sales pages with high impact headlines and messages that attract the RIGHT audience.

Desire in your audience to buy your offer through an engaging experience that creates eager buyers.

Certainty in who your buyer audience is so that you can effortlessly fill your funnel with the right high-quality people.

Maximum sales conversion with an engaging email series that nurtures your audience so that they want to buy from you.

When you join Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you’ll get:

The complete step-by-step Marketing Funnel
Creation Method

All trainings are available as soon as you join

Lifetime access to the course and all future updates

100% online access, available 24/7/365

30+ trainings + over-my-shoulder tutorial videos

20+ cheat sheets and checklists to guide you step-by-step

The Build Your Funnel Bootcamp Guarantee

I take your success seriously when you’re a student of Build Your Funnel Bootcamp and that’s why I offer a four-part guarantee:


I’ll PERSONALLY help you figure out the right funnel for your business based on your goals. No wondering. No hoping you’ve got it right. You’ll know where to focus your efforts.


If you can’t get my plug-and-play funnels set up in your ClickFunnels account, I’ll PERSONALLY jump on and help you get your funnel installed onto ClickFunnels — so no need to worry about tech headaches.


I’ll PERSONALLY review EVERY SINGLE STEP in one funnel you create and provide video feedback on how to make it work even better for your business.


Sign up today and take the next 30 days to try this whole Build Your Funnel Bootcamp system out. If you don’t find this to be the most effective system to create and build a marketing funnel for your business, you’ll get a full refund — no questions asked or homework required.

When I say that marketing funnels WORK, I’m telling you this from firsthand experience.

My first Client Converting Discovery Call Funnel saved my business from the brink of bankruptcy during my high end $30k a year mastermind days when I was spending too much on going to events and travel and not making enough sales.

I ran that funnel at least seven times making well over $10,000 every single time I turned it on — without any extra effort on my part. I now have 19 active funnels for my own business which bring in new clients and leads every minute of every day. I created hundreds of funnels for clients over the past three years as well that do the exact same for their businesses. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients create successful marketing funnels that transformed their business.  

Here are just a few examples: 

  • One client, a consultant speaker, used a funnel to more than quadruple her business in less than a year.
  • J went from zero list, zero business, and zero offers to having her first marketing funnel (and first business) up and running in 7 ½ weeks.
  • In just six weeks, and for less than $500, another client went from virtually unknown to an audience of 30,000 people engaged with her funnel content.
  • A targeted marketing funnel helped a client grow her list from 0 to 1,677 in just a month, so she could sell passively to a warm audience.
  • Through strategic ads and a simple funnel, another client turned a cold audience into a 59% conversion rate.
  • A client had an email list of over 32,000, and we launched a very simple marketing funnel for a new product resulting in over 500 sales within a 10-day launch period — far exceeding their goal of 100 sales. 
  • A client discovered why her audience wasn’t buying her offer — and it had nothing to do with price. She put together a simple marketing funnel and suddenly her audience was engaged and excited to purchase. 
  • Another client was able to move away from just 1-on-1 work and finally create a marketing funnel to sell a course she’d always wanted to sell but never had time to launch.

What You’ll Learn in Build Your Funnel Bootcamp

My five-week program teaches you the key strategies you need to be able to create a marketing funnel that gets results and frees up your valuable time to focus on other things.


Week 1: Funnel Success Keys
Get the REAL scoop on how to attract, engage, and convert your audience and why a marketing funnel works. We get into HOW to attract the RIGHT audience and take them on your marketing funnel journey into being a buyer in a way that keeps them hooked and engaged every step of the way.


Week 2: Funnel Persuasion Playbook
Crawl into the minds of your audience to understand what they REALLY want to buy from you. I’ll show you how to get into their brains and figure out what to say and when — even if you don’t have an audience right now.


Week 3: Buyer Attracting Message Builder
This is the actual marketing message portion of your marketing funnel, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to hook and engage your audience so that they know WHAT you offer and WHY they want to buy it. The audience you want to reach is out there searching for you and TELLING you what they want so it’s all about knowing where and what to look for.


Week 4: Build Your Marketing Funnel
This is where you take what you’ve learned and begin to build your profitable marketing funnel. I’ve created FIVE plug-and-play funnels for you to choose from that’ll help you achieve your goals, and the best part is that you can swipe and use these funnels with just a few clicks. You’ll have all the right tools to take you through step-by-step with swipe files, checklists, and specific guidance.


Week 5: Fuel Your Profitable Marketing Funnel
Now that your marketing funnel is ready to go, it’s time to attract your audience. In week 5, you’ll select the funnel filler traffic plan that works for you so that you can begin attracting your audience right away. I’ll show you how to make your funnel work even better for your business with some simple metrics and tools to make it fast and easy.

With Build Your Funnel Bootcamp you get a proven roadmap to create your first profitable marketing funnel with easy-to-follow guidance, tutorials, roadmaps, and plug-and-play templates to get it done FAST.

No guessing, no overwhelm, no complicated tutorials. 

Exclusive Build Your Funnel Bootcamp Bonuses

Plus, you’ll also get immediate and lifetime access to all these bonuses:

5 Weeks Personal Accountability
($1,500 Value) 

5 weeks of personal check-ins with Michelle. Stay on track to get your profitable marketing funnel DONE.

5 Swipe Funnels
($5,000 Value) 

Tech made easy with these 5 pre-built marketing funnels that you can easily swipe, install, and use with just two clicks of your mouse.

Build Your Irresistible Quiz Bonus Bundle ($997 Value)

Quizzes are an incredibly engaging and relevant way to attract and convert your audience. This course will show you step-by-step how to create a quiz that works for your audience.

One Sentence Marketing Hook Mini-Course ($297 Value)

Stop wondering how to hook your audience. This mini-course will quickly take you through WHAT to say and HOW to say it so your audience responds to you.

highly recommend this course to any business owner — experienced or new

“As someone in the process of launching her business, Michelle’s Funnel Bootcamp was the absolute perfect marketing investment. Now that I have a firm grasp on funnels, I can get my business off the ground in a low-cost/high return way.

Michelle’s course is amazingly complete, covering everything from research to building the funnel to catchy headings to funnels. She is truly devoted to helping you create a successful funnel, and she is always present to help you along the way. Plus, Michelle’s course materials, feedback, and communication are always practical, to-the-point, and fun!

I would highly recommend this course to any business owner — experienced or new. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made!”

JENN MURRAY  //  Owner of Relate Escape,

Now’s the time to join the Build Your Funnel Bootcamp,
and take your marketing and sales to the next level.

3-Payment Option

This option will break up your payments in 3 monthly installments.


Full payment option

This option will allow you to make one, full payment.

(A savings of $94)


Once you enroll in Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you’ll receive immediate access and can get started TODAY.

My Four-Part Guarantee

I’m highly invested in your success, so when you buy Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you get my four-part guarantee!

  • 1
    I’ll PERSONALLY help you figure out the right funnel for your business based on your goals. No wondering. No hoping you’ve got it right. You’ll know where to focus your efforts.
  • 2
    If you can’t get my plug-and-play funnels set up in your ClickFunnels account, I’ll PERSONALLY jump on and help you get your funnel installed onto ClickFunnels — so no need to worry about tech headaches.
  • 3
    I’ll PERSONALLY review EVERY SINGLE STEP in one funnel you create and provide video feedback on how to make it work even better for your business.
  • 4
    Sign up today and take the next 30 days to try this whole Build Your Funnel Bootcamp system out. If you don’t find this to be the most effective system to create and build a marketing funnel for your business, you’ll get a full refund — no questions asked or homework required.

I’m Not One of THOSE Online Marketers

I’m Michelle, and I’ve spent my entire career in marketing.

When I left my global marketing job at Microsoft back in 2012, I was super eager to make my business work.

I invested BIG money with some big names to learn fast.

Unfortunately, I chose the wrong people as my ‘mentors,’ and I fell for some really bad advice from greed-driven, spray-and-pray, 24/7 hustle ‘experts’ who capitalized on my desire to learn AND my dreams for a big, impactful business.

That mistake almost cost me my health, my sanity, and my business. So you can trust me when I say I’m not of THOSE online marketers.

In fact, I’m completely different as I believe marketing funnels can be done ethically and in a way that serves your audience, and doesn’t prey on them.

Despite my misadventures with sleazy online marketers, my story has a happy ending. I had the skills, background, and know-how from my 16 years in corporate America, along with my degree in marketing, to draw on as I went back to my roots to figure out how to actually make my business work.

And I put those skills to use to create a marketing funnel to save my business from these  hyped up, greed-driven so-called ‘mentors.’

That marketing funnel turned everything around FAST.

Just a few weeks after my marketing funnel launched, I made more money than I had in the previous 9 months during my fancy-pants $30,000/year mastermind with the big-name experts which was making me go BROKE with all the hustle, glitz and big, expensive events.

Then,  it wasn’t long before friends, peers, and new clients started tracking me down so I could help THEM create profitable marketing funnels for their businesses as well.

If you’re wondering if Build Your Funnel Bootcamp is right for you, the answer is a resounding YES. In this program, I teach you how to make funnels work for your business with no gimmicks or hype!

Is the Bootcamp Right for Me?

The Build Your Funnel Bootcamp is a program that anyone can follow, so it’s right for you if:

You Sell a Service 

You work with clients as a coach, consultant, creative, author, or professional service provider.

You Sell a Course or Online Product

You want constant sales for your product or course.

You’re An
Established Business

You’ve tried the shiny objects, and you’re ready to commit to a strategy that works.

For a limited time, you also get access to
these additional high-value bonuses:

Full Funnel Video Review (valued at $997)

I’ll take an in-depth look at one of your funnels and give you a detailed video review, complete with recommendations to make it convert more effectively.

Live 30 Minute One on One Consulting Call (valued at $997)

In your 30-minute review call, we’ll go over all your funnel questions, my feedback and more in a high-impact, one-on-one session designed to make your funnel work even better for your business.

5 Weeks of Email and Voxer Coaching Access to Michelle (value of $1800)

You can reach out with all your questions at any time during that 5 weeks and get a totally personalized answer from me personally — not an assistant or a generic FAQ.

Your Funnel Persuasion Playbook is absolutely awesome!

“I have only done the first two pages and have received MASSIVE insights! It’s also the only marketing “homework” I’ve ever done that I’ve actually enjoyed.

In fact, the Main Competitor page was eliciting so many powerful insights that I happily researched waaay more than the 5 competitors you recommend. I’m actually up to 24 competitors — 24!

I have a whole new insight into how to talk with my audience AND how I’m different than all my competitors. It’s truly fab, Michelle!”

ANNALICIA LYNN  //  Founder,

Ready to Build your funnel?

Do You Have Questions About Build Your Funnel Bootcamp?

You’ve probably got questions swirling around in your head, wondering if Build Your Funnel Bootcamp is right for you. Here are the top questions I get from people thinking about joining me:


What IS a marketing funnel and how will it help me?

Can I actually do this?

Will this really help me get more sales?

Is this only for people who teach online marketing?

What if I have never had marketing success… will I be able to figure this out?

in just one week of launching my funnel, I booked a high-end client

“Before Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, I had great long-time clients, BUT I wasn’t attracting as many new clients as I wanted — even after investing in a beautiful new website + branding.

When I spoke with Michelle, she NAILED why I wasn’t attracting new people and I never would have discovered this on my own.

Now I know how to attract potential clients in a way that has them paying attention and saying: I want to work with Annette now!

In fact, in just one week of launching my funnel, I booked a high-end client. That feels great.”

ANNETTE BOND  //  Personal Stylist,

It's time to start building your funnel.